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Wyspa Solna is a settlement located by Polish sea in Kołobrzeg. We take care of all the marketing and digital issues starting with the website and visual selection tool while ending with marketing materials.


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The goal

inDigital was chosen to be the only agency which would provide all the digital, creation and marketing solutions for Wyspa Solna residential settlement located by Baltic Sea in Kołobrzeg. We started with UX wireframes prototyping for their new website based on research, surveys and our experience to achieve bigger interest in Wyspa Solna's apartments for sale.

The inspiring solution

After verifying all the needs, we decided not only to prepare a brand new website but also we developed 3D apartments selection tool which enables users to find a proper flat on the proper floor. Our 3D search engine for real estate developers brings new experience of finding and checking flats online.

The achievement

Not only have Wyspa Solna sales reps noticed greater easiness in selling and showing flats in their sales office but they also saw that their selling stats have increased by 23% since launching the new website. Thanks to our transparent approach, the Client decided to work closely with us on other projects such as visualizations, broshures, fence design and landing pages for Google and Facebook ads.

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Our cooperation on residential projects couldn’t be more professional Thanks to inDigital we are able to offer our tenants well designed materials and easy-to-use website. The agency is our partner during the whole process of development due to their market knowledge and proactive approach.

Adrian Kornas CEO @ Wyspa Solna

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