We created a dropshipping based eCommerce shop for Homeden which offers home&garden products.






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The goal

Homeden asked us to develop an ecommerce shop whose main feature would be to be integrated with warehouses in order to offer products without having their own warehouse. We found this challange very interesting as dropshipping shops are very popular nowadays.

The process

First things first, we decided to conduct a workshop with the Client in order to understand their business, target group, prepare the very first wireframes and become a part of this project. We both saved a lot of time and got to know better with Homeden crew what was crucial during the whole development phase.

The solution

In 3 month we created fully integrated Magento based ecommerce shop with more than 3000 SKUs. Our goal was to make it before august 2018 as they wanted to challange their ideas during the high season. And we did it! Now we work closely with Homeden on the basis of daily support to develop new features to their shop.

The game changer

What was it? To our minds definitiely definitely the user experience prototyping phase which enabled us to make proper assumptions and that's why the shop is now profitable for their owners.

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We are very gratful to inDigital team, especially to Michał who was our person to go at every day-time and at any week day. Even during weekends. Without his help and involvement, it would be very difficult to meet our goals.

Marketing team @ Homeden

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